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Health Education Curricula

Two new and exciting Health Education curricula or supplements!


Apples in the Orchard is Pre-K-Grade 2 Health Education curriculum based on the National Health Education Standards, the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control Healthy Behavior Outcomes and Knowledge Expectations, and the Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool.


This curriculum features functional health knowledge coupled with the following seven skills: analyzing influences, accessing valid health information, products and services, interpersonal communication, decision-making, goal setting, self-management, and advocacy.


The curriculum contains eight units:

1. Wholistic Health & Personal Health Habits

2. Expressing Feelings Appropriately

3. Keeping Safe and Avoiding Accidents

4. Developing and Encouraging Prosocial Behaviors

5. Self Management: Safe, Unsafe & Secret Touches

6. Choosing Healthy Eating

7. Building an Active Lifestyle

8. Avoiding Unhealthy Substances.


Regular classroom teachers can use this curriculum to supplement English Language Arts instruction while simultaneously teaching Health Education.

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Apples in the Orchard Cover LATEST WHITE
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Pre-K to Grade 2 Health Education
Teachers Edition


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Crew 66 Health Education Dialogues for Middle School Students is outstanding for engaging students in critical health education topics. Engage your Health Education students in dialogues – with content written as interesting conversations, students read, act, communicate and listen as they take on the role of one of the two characters in the dialogue while learning Health Education content.


Get students out of their passive mode and into a highly productive lesson using dialogues. This curriculum, or curriculum supplement, has 380 pages of active learning with a core of 40 dialogues – student-to-student conversations about Health content and skills.

Crew 66 Health Education Dialogues for Middle School Students engages your students in critical health education topics (Goal Setting, Communication, Decision-making, Advocacy, Accessing Information, Analyzing Influences, Self-management, and Functional Health Knowledge) via the eight units and 40 dialogues, with activities and assessments attached to each dialogue. This unique and classroom-tested curriculum, or curriculum supplement, uses the powerful strategy called dialogues to address key aspects of the content embedded in dialogues. Then students check learning and understanding with performance tasks that align with the Standards.

  • 40 dialogues for critical Health Education topics!

  • Guiding questions to extend thinking.

  • Student Edition has 380 pages of engaged learning!

  • Performance tasks with rubrics.

  • Background knowledge and information.

  • Motivates students to read and write.

  • Dialogues and performance tasks align with and are designed according to:

    • National Health Education Standards

    • HECAT Healthy Behavior Outcomes

    • College and Career Anchor Standards for Writing

    • Health Education Topic Areas

    • Common Core Standards for Writing, Speaking & Listening, Reading, Language (English Language Arts)

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Get Now Free Book - 85-Page Promo


Crew 66: Health Education Dialogues For Middle School Students. Download and see the power of using the dialogues strategy, and find the many dialogues that will fit into your units of study. Use this book to teach future teachers about using dialogues in the classroom, or share with colleagues at conference presentations, school or district professional development sessions.

Table of Contents
Teachers Edition from Crew 66 Health Education Dialogues – Table of Contents through Unit 1

Unit 1 dialogues and topics include:
1.1 Koy and Puffy Analyze Tobacco Use
1.2 Koy and Killian Get the Skinny on Sleep
1.3 Koy and Kite Discuss Diabetes
1.4 Koy and Kit Get F.I.T.T.
1.5 Koy Coaxes Cleopatra Off The Couch

For a great overview of the rest of the units and topics, download the Free Book.

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This set includes: 30 Student Books, Teacher Book, Teacher Book on CD, and Poster Set


Health Education Dialogues Set for Middle School

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