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Licensing SMT for:

  • Grant Impact and Evaluation
  • Institutions of Higher Education Faculty Development and TA Training
  • Office of Excellence and Quality Excellence Plans
  • Consultants, Accreditation Data, Program Evaluators

There are many ways that SMT can be an integral and valuable component to an evaluation plan, filling in the gaps of the usually hard to collect, but critical quantitative indicators of teacher and student actions that contribute to success and learning in the classroom.

SMT is tailored to gathering the data needed to evaluate the effects of professional development on how instructors teach and how lessons are delivered.

SMT is a perfect tool for documenting levels of student engagement or examining the details of student involvement in a large group, small group, or laboratory settings as a result of curricular changes.

SMT can help uncover and sort out the data related to instruction, including the instructor’s use of questioning, responding, wait-time, and discovering their teaching fingerprint.

SMT can also be used to closely examine student actions, providing individual and small group analysis regarding student engagement and misbehaviors.

SMT is a tool that will help the observers and evaluators include factors that often are overlooked when observing teachers and classrooms, simply because the quantitative factors have been too difficult to gather in the past. But now, with SMT, you can include data on the many critical quantitative components to teaching.

For grant or program evaluation, faculty teaching development, gathering accreditation data, and working toward excellence of teaching at institutions of higher education, SeeMeTeach™ LLC is ready to work with you to help establish a license fee for using SeeMeTeach™ in such a manner.

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School Districts
SeeMeTeach™ staff will provide condensed training and materials, and help teachers and administrators to quickly begin using SMT to observe critical teaching skills and strategies that positively impact learning in the classroom.
Teacher Education Programs
SeeMeTeach™ staff will provide condensed training, guidance, and materials for using SMT with teacher education programs at K-12 levels of teacher preparation.
Grant Evaluation
SeeMeTeach™ researchers and scientists will provide consultation and guidance on how SMT can be an integral component to an evaluation plan, how to design data collection methodologies, how SMT researchers can participate in collecting and analyzing data, and then craft research reports to summarize the effects of curricular or pedagogical innovations and treatments.
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