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About Us - SeeMeTeach, a unique software observation tool, was crafted by a team of educators with decades of experience and thousands of teacher observations. This team created, tested, refined, and relentlessly pushed the boundaries using feedback from future teachers, teachers, teacher educators, and administrators until this tool was ready to help the profession take a significant step beyond current practice.

A Free Book - Our Gift To You - First, thank you for taking a good look at SeeMeTeach and exploring how to use this tool to explore teaching in teacher education programs, K-12 schools, and higher education institutions, or for research. Second, we hope you downloaded the Overview and Features Guide to see how the powerful features meet your needs and reduce some of the pains associated with teacher observation while elevating teacher observation to more of a science and evidence-based endeavor. Our team is excited to bring this tool into your professional workspace, and as thanks, we would like you to have this book for your professional library.

Overview - A book that should be on every educator or future educator's desk as it is filled with the how-to, strategies, and justification for using smaller dry erase response boards for individuals or pairs of students, and how to use larger boards with small groups of students who are working together on science activities, math problems, labs, graphing exercises, or for whenever you need more feedback from students or want small groups to work well together. 
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