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Supporting Documents
Webinars – SMT training and how others are using SMT for teacher education, classroom observation in schools, edTPA, NBCT submissions, or for research and grant evaluations.
Overview and Features Guide provides a look at the key features of the SMT tool.
For Registered Users Only
SMT Users Manual – Describes the powerful features of SMT and includes information on using SMT, and obtaining quality audio and video, and contains responses to frequently asked questions or FAQ's.
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SMT Training Manual – Contains the training for using SMT, which provides both video-based and text-based training for levels 1-10 - text, video, and practice to develop data collection, feedback, and coaching skills that potentially culminate in a Black Belt user (Level 9) or an SMT Trainer.

SMT Teacher Challenges - A set of action research explorations for K-12 teachers, designed to investigate one’s teaching by capturing and analyzing data used as indicators of growth toward excellence.
SMT and edTPA – Using SMT to raise scores for Rubrics 6-10 for the Science, English, Math, and Social Studies candidate submissions.
SMT and NBCT – Using SMT to seed the narrative with data and evidence to bolster candidate submissions.



     Introduction to SMT           Coming Soon - Every Tuesday at 6:00 PM Central       





Training For SMT Users

      Individual Training - Registered users have access to training materials


     School Districts or Teacher Education TrainingCan be scheduled and optimized upon request.