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Chameleon Condo, Critters, and Critical Thinking

Chameleon Condos uses critter habitats to foster and promote science inquiry for elementary through high school classrooms, science fair projects, and homeschooling. Teach using a highly student-engaging activity!

The 76 pages include chapters on stimulating interest in science, building the basic 5-bottle condo, variations including the 10-bottle, 9-bottle, 18-bottle a and b, mini-condos, caring for your critters (anoles, crickets, ants, and spiders), preparing students for doing investigations, creative problem solving and critical thinking, integrating science into other areas, design and problem-solving challenges, and more.


Table Of Contents
  1. Chameleon Condos: Stimulating Interest In Science

  2. Building the Basic 5-Bottle Condo

  3. Parts List: (for a 5-bottle condo)

  4. Step by Step Directions

  5. Variations to the Condo

    • Ten-Bottle

    • Nine-Bottle

    • Eighteen-Bottle (Version A)

    • Eighteen-Bottle (Version B)

    • Mini-Condos

  6. Caring For Your Critters

    • Chameleons

    • Crickets

    • Feeding Tubes for Crickets

    • Art Colony

    • Spiders

7. Preparing Students for Doing Science Investigations

8. Creative Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

  • How to Begin

  • Observation Logs

  • SSCS & Critical Thinking in Action – Ant Study

9. Integrating Science Into Other Subject Areas

  • Putting It All Together

10. Design and Problem Solving Challenges

  • New Designs Created by Students

  • New Designs and Creative Design Award

Condo Variation Diagrams
chameleon diagram.png
5 Bottle Variation
chameleon diagram.png
9 Bottle Variation
chameleon diagram3.png
18 Bottle Variation
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