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SMT Group Account Payment Options 

Congratulations and Welcome - The SeeMeTeach team looks forward to working with you and your observation team(s). 


  • Credit Card Payment - Simply click on "Get Started Using CC Payment" and include the information requested. Once payment has been completed, log into - Dashboard Login - Registered Users, and complete the login process. Under your login name is a drop-down list of choices that includes a "User list," where the lead person who initiated the account can add and invite users to the group. Each invited user receives an email from SeeMeTeach to join by typing their first and last name and then entering a password. The lead person will see that each user has completed the registration invite when the yellow dot next to their name turns green. 

  • Purchase Order and Invoice Payment – For a group payment, when needing to use a Purchase Order,  there are two steps. Step 1 - Click on Enter Payment Type Information, choose Invoice, and proceed to the point where a credit card or invoice option is presented and complete this action using the Invoice option. Step 2, Click Enter the Purchase Order Information, which is a fillable pdf that allows the user to either 1) download, enter the information, save, and attach it to an email that is sent to, or 2) enter the information, print, then fax to 866.414.3456. Upon receiving the Purchase Order, the SMT team will generate an invoice and send the contact person the information needed to establish an account on SMT. Once the account is established, the lead user will invite group members. Note that the group will have access upon SMT receiving the PO, and the institution will have 30 days after receiving the invoice to process and return payment. Note for some institutions, SMT must fill out and be approved as a registered agent/seller before the institution will send a Purchase Order . 







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