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Individual Users and Collaborators, edTPA and NBCT Candidates



  • Future Teachers - Pre-service teachers use video and data to examine their teaching and develop self-analysis and reflection skills. Future teachers, independently of a teacher preparation program, may form an observation team that provides feedback and recommendations to each other using the qualitative or quantitative modes of SMT.


  • Current Teacher - A teacher who knows that the once-per-year formal observation has little impact may wish independently or ask other registered user colleagues to join them in a collaborative study of classroom instruction based on data and evidence.  


  • Cooperating Teachers – When mentoring beginning teachers, the mentor could use the real-time feature of SMT to provide comments and offer feedback or videotape instruction for the future teacher, so either or both can complete an analysis followed by a conversation about the data collected and examine the evidence and indicators for growth in teaching skills.


  • The edTPA Candidate - In this high-stakes evaluation, a pre-service teacher must use video and data to examine their teaching, demonstrating self-analysis and reflection skills when writing and submitting the edTPA for external assessment.

  • The NBCT Candidate - NBCT candidates must submit a video segment of their teaching with an in-depth analysis and reflective narrative about their instruction. Using SMT allows the candidate to collect robust data about their teaching and embed the data and analysis into the submission. 


  • The cost for an individual is $45 for one whole year. 

  • Can collaborate with other registered users.

  • Has access to the SMT and edTPA documents that guide how to incorporate data into the Rubrics 6 -10 submissions.

  • Has access to the SMT and NBCT document that guides incorporating data into the National Board Certification of Teaching submission.   

  • The Individual or Group license fee only allows the use of SMT for personal research and NOT for research or evaluation associated with a project that is funded by an internal or external funding source, and especially not for work done for hire as an external evaluator of a grant or a funded project using local, state, national or international funds. See the Grants and Funding - Learn More, and consult with SMT per needs, options, and a license fee.                                

      See Individual FAQs for more information.

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