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Customized Qualitative Comments or Quantitative Data Collection Buttons


For international users or for purposes of business, industry, medical or insurance training and assessment, the comments buttons or data collection buttons can be modified per user needs. While English is the standard default language on SeeMeTeach software, SMT offers and contracts for programming and modification to the comments and/or data collection/analysis interface for international users and for languages other than English. The SeeMeTeach team will work with the client to achieve the succinct identifiers for each data collection button that best represents the data being gathered. See the quantitative data collection button set below.



Customized Pre and Post-Observation Forms


Pre and post-observation forms are a standard way of providing feedback and serve as indicators of proficiency or growth in teaching. Many institutions use their unique forms. SeeMeTeach offers to contract for the development and programming of up to three user’s customized post-observation forms for incorporation into SMT. Forms might be rubrics or Likert Scale forms with on/off buttons, checkboxes, rating scale buttons, or free-response boxes. The user crafts the desired layout on paper, then SeeMeTeach staff works with the user to finalize the design and programs the final form so the institution can use their tailored forms within SeeMeTeach.

International Use and Institution Customization

SeeMeTeach will work with countries, international schools, universities, or education organizations to customize the comments or data collection buttons. SMT will also assist in customizing observation forms to meet the organization's needs. Contact SMT for needs, options, and costs.
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