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Maximizing Student Engagement in the Classroom: Using Individual and Small Group Dry Erase Boards to Engage All Students in Learning

Chameleon Condos uses critter habitats to foster and promote science inquiry for elementary through high school classrooms, science fair projects, and homeschooling. This book provides the how-to, strategies, and justification for using smaller dry-erase response boards for individuals or pairs of students and how to use larger boards with small groups of students who are working together on science activities, math problems, labs, graphing exercises, or for whenever you need more feedback from students or want small groups to work well together.

Book                        $9.95

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​Book - Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. What is at stake?

  3. The Typical Classroom - Low Levels of Engagement

  4. Engaging All Students in Learning

  5. Dry Erase Boards for Individuals

  6. Dry Erase Boards for Pairs of Students

  7. Questioning and Responding: Getting the Most Out of Dry Erase Boards

  8. Dry Erase Boards for Review Games

  9. Dry Erase Boards for Small Groups - Labs, Data Collection and Presentations

  10. Dry Erase Boards for Small Groups - The Futures Wheel Strategy

  11. Dry Erase Boards for Small Groups - Concept Mapping

  12. Dry Erase Boards for Small Groups - Active Reading Strategies

  13. Dry Erase Boards for Graphing - An Introduction References

​CD - Index and Contents

  1. Individuals - Middle School Math - Mean, Median, Mode Pt. A

  2. Individuals - High School English - Diagramming Sentences

  3. Individuals - High School Chemistry

  4. Individuals - High School Biology - Graphing

  5. Individuals - High School Transitional Classrooms - Dice Math

  6. Pairs of Students - Middle School Science - Float/Sink

  7. Pairs of Students - High School Biology - Graphing

  8. Small Groups - Elementary Science - Food Drop

  9. Small Group Instructor Checks - H.S. Science - Toothpick Lab

  10. Small Group Presents - High School Science - Toothpick Lab

  11. Individuals and Small Groups:English - Transitional Classroom

  12. Small Groups - Futures Wheels

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Dry Erase Response Boards

If you are not using dry erase response boards this book will be the most important resource you need to get started.If you need to convince an administrator to purchase dry erase boards for your classroom, this book will help you do so.


If you are already using dry erase response boards, this book will help you increase the positive impact of using them with students.

Bulk Orders

Bulk Orders for Schools or Districts – This resource should be in the hands of every teacher who wants more student engagement in the classroom. Moose Moss Press will provide digital copies to a school or district to distribute to all the teachers at a bulk rate. Contact for information.

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Keynotes and Workshops

Keynote Address: Doc, an educator and consultant from Moose Moss Press, will kick-off the school year with a session called 10 Strategies and 100 tips to Raise Student Engagement, or provide an introductory session at the front end of an effort to implement more student engagement activities in classrooms.

Half Day Workshop: This consists of three-four hours of activities with teachers learning more about highly engaged activities, by being immersed in activities and seeing first hand how small changes in practice can reap huge benefits in student learning. Teachers will learn how to use the strategies and tools in Maximizing Student Engagement in the Classroom to significantly raise the level of student engagement in the classroom, and how simultaneously gather much more formative assessment data about student learning.

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