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198 pages, 48 dialogues – Example topics include: adjective, apostrophe, colon, comma used in a series, comma with conjunction, exclamation mark, noun, parenthesis, pronoun, question mark, quotation mark, semicolon, sentence and period, verb, alliteration, allusion, assonance, consonance, euphony and cacophony, hyperbole, irony, metaphor and simile, motif, onomatopoeia, parallelism, personification, fiction and non-fiction, flashback, foreshadowing, mood, plot and conflict, dramatic structure, exposition and inciting incident, rising action and climax, falling action and resolution, audience, paraphrase, setting, point of view, and more.


1.4 Comma Used in a Series
2.1 Alliteration
2.9 Simile and Metaphor
3.12 Falling Action and Resolution
4.4 Point of View


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