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156 pages, 46 dialogues – Example topics include: abusing literature aids, alliteration, allusions, annotating texts, imagery, literal vs figurative, motifs in literature, multiple interpretations, Shakespeare part 1 and 2, prose, reading aloud, structure vs interpretive clue, appositives and appositive phrases, the ellipsis, misplaced modifiers, parentheses, pronouns and their antecedents, semi colon, verb tense agreement, beyond the five-paragraph essay, elaboration and focus, embedding quotes, logical fallacies – false dilemma, argumentation and hominem, circular reasoning, hasty generalization, rhetorical appeals, significant closings, the thesis statement, and more.


1.12 Oxymoron and Paradox
2.5 Pronouns and Their Antecedents
3.4 Embedding Quotes
3.6 Logical Fallacies False Dilemma
4.3 Evaluating Credible Sources


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