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Crew 66: Health Education Dialogues For Middle School Students. Download and see the power of using the dialogues strategy, and find the many dialogues that will fit into your units of study. Use this book to teach future teachers about using dialogues in the classroom, or share with colleagues at conference presentations, school or district professional development sessions.


Table of Contents:
Teachers Edition from Crew 66 Health Education Dialogues – Table of Contents through Unit 1


Unit 1 dialogues and topics include:
1.1 Koy and Puffy Analyze Tobacco Use
1.2 Koy and Killian Get the Skinny on Sleep
1.3 Koy and Kite Discuss Diabetes
1.4 Koy and Kit Get F.I.T.T.
1.5 Koy Coaxes Cleopatra Off The Couch


For a great overview of the rest of the units and topics, download the Free Book.

Health Education Free Promo - 85 Page eBook

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