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178 pages, 58 dialogues – Example topics include: what is science, hypotheses, theories, laws, scientific evidence, floating and sinking, buoyancy, density, air pressure, kinetic motion, temperature, solids, liquids and gases, atoms, molecules, the periodic table, valence electrons and bonding, matter vs energy, chemical equations, reactions, dissolving, chemical vs physical change, surface tension, cohesion, atomic models, electron, mass number, electronegativity, covalent and ionic bonding, acids and bases, salts, solutions, suspensions and colloids, polymers, chemistry in the world around us, and more. Note that the dialogues in this volume work well in middle school and high school chemistry.


2.3 To Float or Not to Float
3.6 Pour Me Some Air
5.5 Two plus six or six plus two
7.1 Acids Bases and Salts Oh My

See these examples and more, the Table of Contents and Abstracts in the Get Now Free book – see below.

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