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196 pages, 63 dialogues – Example topics include: Pueblo Revolt, Middle Passage and Slave Trade, Salem Witch Trials, Great Awakening, Roots of the Declaration of Independence, Patriots vs Loyalists, Articles of Confederation, 3/5 Compromise, Power of the President, Bill of Rights, Checks and Balances, American Neutrality, Alien and Sedition Acts, Marbury vs Madison, War of 1812, Missouri Compromise, Monroe Doctrine, Corrupt Bargain, Nullification Process, Whig Party, Lowell Factory Girls, Trail of Tears, Sojourner Truth, Manifest Destiny, Compromise of 1850, Dred Scott Decision, Emancipation Proclamation, Sand Creek Massacre, and many more.


6 Jamestown
11 Zenger Case 1735
23 Power of the President 1789
25 Checks and Balances 1789
41 Lowell Factory Girls

US History 1492 - 1865

Excluding Sales Tax
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