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193 pages, 64 dialogues – Example topics include: Reconstruction Phase, Robber Barrons, Eugene Debs, The Jungle, Ludlow Massacre, Us Entry in WW1, Prohibition, Harlem Renaissance, Scopes Trial, Causes of the Great Depression, Dust Bowl, New Deal, American Isolationism, Japanese and German Internment Camps, Bracero Program, Bataan Death March, GI BIll, How the Cold War Began, United Nations, Berlin Airlift, McCarthyism, Malcom X vs Luther King, Cuban Missile Crisis, Tinker vs Des Moines, 1968 Olympics, My Lai, Stonewall Riots, Equal Rights Amendment, Iran Hostage Crisis, NAFTA, War on Terror, Mapp vs Ohio, and many more.


3 Transcontinental Railroad 1869
9 The Jungle 1906
11 Ludlow Massacre 1914
19 Causes of the Great Depression 1929
51 Foreign Policy Nixon Vs Carter 1970

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US History 1865-2010 PDF eBook

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