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Conferences 2024

NARST Workshop: Denver - March 19th      (Pre-register via the Contact link above) 
Session Title – Teacher Observation Reimagined – Using the SeeMeTeach Observation App

Sponsoring Organization – Presenter – Dr. Craig Berg, SeeMeTeach

Session Description – SeeMeTeach is a teacher and classroom observation tool designed to collect qualitative and quantitative data on teacher actions and student engagement with instant analysis for feedback and coaching sessions or research or grant evaluation. The quantitative mode is unique and powerful, allowing the single observer, or a team of observers, to collect an immense amount of critical data on teacher performance and student actions, helping researchers or observers determine the growth in teaching or the impact of professional development on teaching and classroom instruction. Participants will get a free account and learn how to use this new online app at no cost. 

     * Learn about the qualitative mode for collecting comments and recommendations and how your institution can
       have a customized button set for comment categories.
     * Learn about the quantitative mode, where one individual can collect an immense amount of data related to
       teacher actions, student actions, teacher-student interactions, student engagement, misbehavior, and teacher
     * Learn how the vast quantitative data can be used for teacher observation, research, or grant evaluation. 
     * Become part of a collaboration that values high-resolution data for teacher and classroom observation. 
     * Get a free trial account and access to free training.
     * Get a free Rattleback toy!

To learn more about SeeMeTeach, click on Home or Features above. 

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