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Teacher   Observation   Reimagined!

What Is SeeMeTeach?
It is a new, game-changing, and powerful teacher observation and development tool that includes both a qualitative mode for comments and feedback and a unique quantitative mode with robust data collection and indicators of teaching effectiveness linked to video and instant analysis for feedback and coaching to foster optimal teacher growth.

Teacher Observation - Anytime. Any mode. Anywhere!
Live Observation | Virtual Live Observation | From Video | From Audio

Why Use SeeMeTeach?
Teachers do their utmost every single day to deliver high-quality lessons, so they deserve the world-class observations, feedback, and coaching that SeeMeTeach (SMT) provides.    
What if you had access to a teacher observation tool that provided
high-resolution data that also bolsters comments?
Watch how both raw and analyzed data are ready immediately post-observation for feedback, coaching, and markers of growth in teaching!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide teachers and observers with an extraordinary teacher observation, feedback, and coaching tool to inspire and accelerate the development of world-class teachers.

Solve major pains of teacher observation!

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Feedback based on data -- not simply impressions

Saves time and costs less than other options

Customizable forms for feedback

Instant analysis linked to video

Foster team communication

Reduce subjectivity  


Learn more about the power of SMT

Schedule an online demo
When you and your team are available

See the powerful aspects of both the comments mode and data collection/analysis mode 

Individual / Teacher Ed / K-12 School

Unique in having both qualitative AND quantitative modes!!


Feedback from SMT users!

Using SMT has allowed me to improve my teaching and classroom environment using actual data. This app has been a pivotal tool in my professional development.    A. L. - Science Teacher

The SMT Observation Tool is Designed for:                                                     

Teacher Education Programs   

  • Future Teachers              

  • Methods Instructors  

  • Cooperating Teachers   

  • Clinical Supervisors       

  • Program Accountability and Documentation   



  • Teachers    

  • Administrators      

  • Teacher Coaches and Mentors                                                


  • Faculty and Graduate Student Research

  • Grant Evaluators for Impact of Professional Development, Curriculum, and Program Implementation


Higher Education

  • Centers of Excellence in Teaching

  • Graduate Classes on Teaching Analysis and

      Administrative Supervision


SMT Supporting Documents:

  • Teacher Explorations       

  • Professional Development Modules

  • edTPA

  • NBCT

  • Teacher Education Programs

  • Cooperating Teachers

  • Schools – Teachers and Administrators

  • QuickStart Guide

  • Overview of Features

  • Users Guide and Training Manual

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