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Learning and Professional Development

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Supporting Documents - For Registered Users
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Overview and Features Guide - provides a look at the key features of the SMT tool.
Quick Start Guide - A guide to a fast start to using SMT. For details see the Users and Training Manual.
Users Manual - Describes the powerful features of SMT.

Training Manual
- Includes training levels 1-10 using text, video, and practice to develop data collection, feedback, and coaching skills. Become a Black Belt user or an SMT Trainer.
Professional Development Modules, Books, Workshops, and Classes -focused PD for self-driven or small group exploration in a series of professional development modules for those who wish to develop new teaching strategies and skills as they progress toward becoming a world-class teacher. Also, books to dig deep, workshops for explorations into key topics guided by a national expert, and classes for credit. 
Teacher Challenges are a set of action research explorations designed to investigate one’s teaching by capturing and analyzing data used as indicators of growth toward excellence.
SMT and edTPA – Using SMT to raise scores for Rubrics 6-10 for the Science, English, Math, and Social Studies candidate submissions.
SMT and NBCT – Using SMT to seed the narrative with data and evidence to bolster candidate submissions.
Online Training – SMT training and how others are using SMT for teacher education, classroom observation in schools, edTPA, NBCT submissions, or research and grant evaluations.
Webinar Registration
Supporting Docs

Training For SMT Users

      Individual Training - Registered users have access to training materials on the Training page

                                                 that includes training videos, cheat sheets, and keys to fine-tune your

                                                 SMT user skills.

       Condensed Training - Stay Tuned as SMT will hold 3-4 hour condensed training sessions. If you or a group are 

                                                      interested in attending, send us an email using the Contact page. 


     School Districts or Teacher Education TrainingCan be scheduled and optimized upon request.

SMT Consults With:

School Districts – SMT staff will provide condensed training and materials and help

teachers and administrators quickly begin using SMT for teacher observations to elevate

teaching practice to higher levels of effectiveness.

Teacher Education Programs – SMT staff will provide condensed training, guidance, and materials for using SMT with teacher education programs at K-12 levels working to help provide indicators of future teacher development and growth via the clinical experiences’ supervision process.

Grant Evaluators – SMT researchers and scientists will provide consultation and guidance on how SMT can be an integral component to future or currently funded evaluation plans, including design data collection methodologies and training for the collection of data. SMT can assist researchers in collecting and analyzing data, then craft research reports to summarize the effects of curricular or pedagogical innovations or treatments on classrooms, students, and teachers.

Institutions of Higher Education – SMT will work with IHE’s in using the observation tool as a mechanism for observation of faculty and TA instruction/improvement.

Contact SMT for Consultation

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