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Teacher Education Programs


  • Future Teachers - A pre-service teacher can use video and data to examine their teaching and develop self-analysis and reflection skills as part of a methods class or during fieldwork or student teaching. They can also use SMT to analyze their teaching when writing the narrative and submitting the edTPA high-stakes assessment.


  • Methods Instructors - a methods instructor has students bring videos with analysis and reflections to document the successful implementation of specific strategies learned in class and practiced within a fieldwork setting.


  • Cooperating Teachers – uses the real-time feature of SMT to provide comments and offer feedback or videotape instruction so the future teacher can complete a self-analysis and the two can converse about the data collected.


  • Clinical Supervisors - The clinical supervision team uses SMT to share observation details, data, and feedback and to communicate between team members for fieldwork and student teaching observations

  • Graduate Work - Masters or Ph.D. research or used in research methodology classes.

  • Program Accountability and Documentation - Teacher education leadership can use data and the evidence collected from clinical experiences to demonstrate their programs’ impact on future teachers to satisfy oversight entities who require evidence of program effectiveness for evaluation purposes. SMT provides evidence and indicators of teacher education program impact on or growth in teaching skills with regard to future or current teachers.


Registration and Cost 

  • A group account costs $45 per individual for a one-year license.

  • Volume Discount - After the first 100 users, the price is reduced to $40 per individual for one year license.

  • The cost is covered by student fees, course fees, grants, or donor funding. Or, the students and instructor can register with an Individual Plan, then invite others as a team member for observations.

  • Faculty, students, and clinical supervisors register as a group or groups. Some place all members within one group while others group members by the specific program, methods instructor and class, or clinical experience supervisor and the students they supervise.

  • Each group needs a key person who will register for a group account and then add members to the group using names and email addresses. Note that group size can be any number of teachers or administrators. Any four members of the whole group can be included in any observation. Still, for security reasons, members can come from only those listed and registered within that specific group. 

  • Online registration requires a credit card, or programs can register using a Purchase Order Number.  

  • Optional - SMT provides self-paced text and video training materials, any additional training requested for faculty or students would incur an additional fee to be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the extent and need.

  • Optional - SMT can also provide highly skilled SMT observers and data collection personnel when programs require valid and reliable data for program accountability documentation and when faced with oversight examinations that require evidence of impact. 

  • Exclusions: The Teacher Education license fee only allows the use of SMT for teacher education program work and teacher development and NOT for research or evaluation associated with a project that is funded by an internal or external funding source, and the SMT user is compensated for work as an evaluator of a grant or a funded project using local, state, national or international funds. See the Grants and Funding - Learn More, and consult with SMT per needs, options, and a license fee.                                                                                                       

  • See Teacher Education FAQs for more details on groups. 


See the supporting resources in Learning and Professional Development for K-12 schools and teacher education.

Teacher Explorations - edTPA - NBCT

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